Subscription FAQ's

D. Ni'Cole, I have signed up for your subscription program but I haven't received my subscription email with links? What are the next steps? 

If you have not received your email subscription links, please email so that the issue can be rectified. 

D, Ni'Cole, I have received my subscription email and links but I'm not a fan of what you've created. Is there a way I can request a change in the outfit or possibly pic a look from your Instagram account?

Remember, the subscription program is a "Trust/Risk" styling service offered by Style by D. Ni'Cole. You are taking a risk to be styled based on the creativity of the wardrobe stylist. If you find yourself not liking what was prepared for you, you may request a "token change" (a credit towards individual styling), which will goes towards an overall customized styling service. 

D, Ni'Cole, I am not satisfied with the service. Can I request a refund?

Remember, the subscription program is a "Trust/Risk" styling service offered by Style by D. Ni'Cole. Unlike traditional styling service that's based solely on the client's personal style, budget, individuality, comfort level and body type, the subscription service is group styling and based on what the stylist is wanting to provide. Under no circumstance will a refund be issued. Before becoming a member of the SBDNC Monthly Style Subscription, it's suggested to contact the stylist at to see what styling service is best for you. The stylist charges $200 for the consultation fee and $200 per hour (minimum of 3 hours) for styling. 

D. Ni'Cole, how often should I be receiving shopping links? What days a week should I be expecting an email from you?

If you're a Stylish Bombshell member, you should receive your email on every First Wednesday and First Friday only. All Fashion Maven, Style Icon, Runway Elite, and Parkway Elite participants will receive their style package the first Wednesday of every month and every Friday of every month. 

D. Ni'Cole, I love your program. Can I share my emails with friends and family members?

The Style by D. Ni'Cole monthly subscription service is only delegated for paid participants. Sharing of any kind is prohibited. 

D. Ni'Cole, is there a way I can upgrade my services or downgrade my services?

Yes! You may upgrade or downgrade your service at any time. Please contact Style by D. Ni'Cole at to alert stylist of any changes needed.

D. Ni'Cole, I signed up using my PayPal email; however, that's not the email that I want to use. Can I change my email?

Absolutely! Please contact Style by D. Ni'Cole at for needed changes.

D. Ni'Cole, I no longer want to be a participant of the subscription service. How can I cancel my service participation?

Contact Style by D. Ni'Cole at for the program change to cancellation, or do so by visiting your PayPal account or Subscription Payment account and cancel Pre-Approved payments on your account. 

D. Ni'Cole, if I cancel my subscription, will I be charged the following month? Will I still have access to previous emails? The blog?

Once you cancel your subscription, you will no longer be billed the subscription fee. If you cancel, you will still have access to your emails that have been sent to you but all future emails will stop immediately. The subscription service should be treated as a style service. Once a transaction is terminated, the style service does as well.

D. Ni'Cole, how I can show my outfit to you?


D. Ni'Cole, if I want to request styling services how will I go by requesting them?

Contacting and discuss your desired service with D. Ni'Cole. Your discount will be discussed at the exchange of emails and will be applied to the invoice.

D. Ni'Cole, will you be possibly transferring your business to a subscription box?

Maybe in the future! 

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