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Style by D. Ni'Cole

Runway Elite Subscription

Runway Elite Subscription

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Do you have a hard time dressing yourself? Not sure how to pair an outfit together? Would you like to have your own personal stylist and receive outfits EACH MONTH? This is the service for you. 

The Runway Elite Monthly Membership is a monthly luxury styling service that provides 15 Style by D. Ni'Cole curated looks delivered on the First Wednesday, First Friday, every Friday following, and 10 additional looks scheduled throughout the month (schedule received at the beginning of every month).

This styling service comes with:

1. 13 Casual Looks

2. 10 Dressy Looks

3. 2 Denim Jean Looks

This service is based on a Trust/Risk Group Styling. The Trust/Risk is based solely on you trusting that the style will create budget friendly & stylish looks for you as a customer, understanding that this service IS NOT personalized or customizable.

Size Categories are the following:

Straight Size Styling (Size 0-12) or Plus Size Styling (Size 12-24)

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